Industrial Interoperability Summit 2019

En konferens om interoperabilitet
Den 15 maj 2019 arrangerade SSG och LCDM-projektet (Life Cycle Data Management) en internationell konferens för att uppmärksamma arbetet med att etablera ett standardiserat datautbyte mellan olika stödsystem i en anläggnings livscykel – nästa steg i svensk industris digitala transformering.
Under närmare två år har svensk industri jobbat tillsammans i LCDM-projektet, som har till syfte att hitta lösningar på svensk industriell Interoperabililitet (*).

Projektet är en del av Strategiska innovationsprogrammet Processindustriell IT och Automation (PiiA), en gemensam satsning av Vinnova, Formas och Energimyndigheten.

(*) Förmågan hos olika system, ofta i datorsammanhang, att fungera tillsammans och kunna kommunicera med varandra.

09:30 Introduction and background to LCDM project
10:00 Prerequisites for digitization of Swedish industry (PiiA)
10:20 Current situation in Swedish industry
10:50 Interoperability in the construction industry
11:10 SIS and ISO
11:40 THTH TIE-project as a part of larger ecosystem project, Finland
12:00 Lunch and exhibition (lunch among exhibitors)
13:00 How Norwegian offshore industry works with ISO 15926, PCA
13:30 USPI-NL / CFIHOS concept, how it works
14:00 DEXPI About the organisation and how Dexpi concept works
14:30 Coffee and exhibition
14:50 Reporting LCDM-Pilot, based on Dexpi specification
15:50 Next phase after LCDM project. ”The Interoperability Change in Sweden”
16:40 Panel debate
17:00 Mingle and exhibition

We had some questions:

”During the CFIHOS information Jason mentioned something about standard for equipment catalogues.
Question: is this based on eClass classification and attributes ot is it another standard?”

Jasons answer :

The eClass standard has not been widely adopted in the Oil & Gas Industry and so the initiatives I described are not using that standard.  Standardisation within the Oil & Gas Industry tends to be coordinated through International Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP).  This industry body provides a forum to allow Oil & Gas companies to work together on standardisation, and so sponsor ISO Technical Committee 67 for Oil and Gas as well as other initiatives. 

The most high profile initiative currently is Joint Industry Procurement (JIP) 33, which is looking to standardise requirements for different types of equipment (technical, performance and information) across the industry.  In the course of aligning those requirements it has been recognised that a common data standard is required and so IOGP has proposed taking over the CFIHOS initiative from USPI, to ensure closer alignment with industry standardisation and to provide the necessary resources to get it done.  So CFIHOS will be further developed under a new JIP 36 project.  It was in this context that I was referring to a proposed equipment catalogue that could be configured with the CFIHOS standard.

The governance around this is in transition currently and so afraid it is not a simple yes or no answer but hope that helps.  Let me know if further clarification is required.


Jason Roberts