Industrial Interoperability Summit 2023

Bild från SEIIA Industrial Interoperability Summit 2022, Mats och Johnny inleder.

SEIIA Industrial Interoperability Summit den 9.e november 13:00 – 16:30 genomförs på Engelska enligt programmet nedan.

It’s time for the Industrial Interoperability Summit 2023 organized by SEIIA. The fifth since the start in 2019. It will be held in English as usual because our foreign guests and presenters.

Link for registration 

This year, participation is free of charge and now you can share the invitation link to your own network.

At this year’s Industrial Interoperability Summit, we will try to highlight how we can succeed in convincing the management of our Swedish industrial companies that digitization is not just a buzzword. It is a comprehensive cultural change that requires the management’s commitment and control. Then, of course, you have to ask yourself why you should digitize, but the question is not if but when. The companies that succeed will in the long run gain such great competitive advantages that those who are last in the queue risk being knocked out by excessive costs in their traditional business.

We will get to listen to (we will return with a more detailed agenda a little later)

– Robert Skaar / Equinor  / About ILAP

– Peter Townson / CFIHOS / On how company management can view CFIHOS and how we can demonstrate effects of CFIHOS

– Henrik Wikberg Vice President Intelecy (earlier at AWS) / Will present on the urgency for digitization, the obstacles of going digital in manufacturing and how we overcome them

– Monica Hole from Aibel about DEXPI +

– And closing with project status in SEIIA