Industrial Interoperability Summit 2022-E

SEIIA arranges during the trade fairs Scanautomatic/Process technology 18 – 20 OCTOBER 2022
SEIIA Industrial Interoperability Summit 2022 on October 19th.

Now is the time to book the autumn’s most important event in digital information management for our industry. SEIIA Industrial Interoperability Summit

On October 19th in Gothenburg, we will gather experts from all over Europe who will enthuse and inspire you in how we together create better digital information management in our industry.

An important factor in succeeding with digitization is management’s understanding and support. During this day, we will work with the following questions

  • How do we reach top management?
  • How do we overcome the fear of improvement?
  • How do we convey that different standards, concepts and programs are not path choices but cooperating forces?
  • How do we convey that different organizations work together and take responsibility for different parts?

Registration is now open and you can register via the attached link. The cost of participation is SEK 3495/person incl. dinner. It is not possible to just register for the conference and exclude the dinner, but it is a package that we bought via the Swedish Fair.

For SEIIA member companies, there is a separate registration with a reduced price. Contact if you did not receive an invitation via the member network.

The SEIIA Industrial Interoperability Summit is organized in collaboration with the Swedish Fair and is held in parallel with the Scanautomatic and Process Technology Fairs. The entire Summit is conducted in English and there will be no digital broadcast either during or after, so you need to be there to take part.

Link to registration If you are a lecturer or co-organizer, email for specific information on how to register.

We start the Summit with a panel debate with our lecturers, which our conference managers Malin Nerpin (Boliden) and Therese Andersson (TCG) manage

The program:

We will work on the details of the program until the very end, but you can find some of the participants below. We will get back to you with times etc.

Welcome – Johnny Sundström / SEIIA / Stora Enso
Panel debate – ”Management Level” All lecturers
Anders Malmberg from TCG will talk about ISO/IEC 81346
NIC-SE During the last 1.5 years, a national project with ramifications to Finland has been going on, i.a. developed templates to easily get started with CFIHOS
Jean-charles LECLERC from Total Energy In France will talk about how Total Energy has been working with reference data and CFIHOS for several years.
Peter Townson from CFIHOS will come and talk about all the exciting things happening within CFIHOS
DEXPI will be represented by Reiner A. Meyer-Rössl who will talk about DEXPI + and the next step in the development of the DEXPI concept.
Gerardo Santillan from Sementum comes and talks about their experiences with Model Broker which facilitates the handling of older P&IDs for conversion to DEXPI format.
ISO 15926-14 – A new exciting project. Nils Sandsmark / PCA / Norway
Arto Marttinen comes from our Finnish sister association ThTh and talks about their exciting project and how Nordic cooperation has developed.
Jerker Delsing from Luleå University of Technology will talk about the Arrowhead project.

The arrangement is made in close collaboration with Automation Region, PiiA and ITF Automation. ITF Automation and SEIIA are organizing a joint dinner on 19 October.

During the dinner, Fredrik Löfgren will hold a ”Robot show”

During the ”Industrial Interoperability Summit 2022” a prize ”SEIIA Industrial Interoperability Award” will be awarded

The prize jury includes, among others, Nils Sandsmark Posc Caesar Norway, Arto Marttinen ThTh Finland and a representative from SEIIA’s board.
The distribution takes place in connection with the joint dinner with ITF Automation on October 19.

The purpose of the award is to highlight Swedish examples where companies, organizations or individuals have succeeded in creating a digital way of working where interoperability and a common digital language have created profits that have benefited the company or organization both in the short and long term.

Simply highlight good examples that inspire others to change their information management themselves.SEIIA