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The following companies have expressed interest in joining the Swedish Industrial Interoperability Association, SEIIA

Stockholm Vatten
Svenska Kraftnät
Billerud Korsnäs

Description of membership

Membership means that as a member you have access to information, services and products developed by the association or with the association signed cooperation agreements with international organizations and companies. Network of competence and exchange of experience in the area that the association has as a working area, industrial interoperability. The association will work to coordinate the exchange of experience and the development of guidelines and training. Run pilot projects and promote the development of Swedish industry plant information.

Membership is valid for one calendar year, membership is automatically extended for 12 months if it is not terminated. The notice period is 6 months and must be made in writing to the association’s office no later than last June (30/6) for membership to be terminated at the next year-end. Each contribution of SEK 1000 gives one (1) vote at the general meeting.

Would you like to express your interest in membership? Use the form below and you will be contacted for further dialogue. Only a declaration of interest not binding in any way.